Rat Toys

Keep your rats happy in and out of the cage by providing lots of fun pet rat toys for them to play with. Chewy has some of the best pet rat toys for sale, including rat chew toys, rat wheels, tunnels and balls, activity centers, treat toys and more.

The best rat toys will all be chew-proof and safe, since rats like to chew anything you put in their cage. You can find toys made of twigs, wood or natural grass for healthy chewing, including a few made of tasty applewood or timothy hay. All toys should be made of sturdy, non-toxic materials, without small parts or stuffing that can break free and be swallowed by your rats. Activity centers for small animals often feature chewable wood and rope construction, and these can make great toys for rats, as well.

Rat wheels and tunnels provide an essential outlet for exercise and play and come in many styles and designs to keep your rats moving. Get a freestanding wheel or one that fastens onto the cage and look for a solid surface to provide sure footing and reduce the risk of foot injury. Tunnels for rats come in many styles and sizes, and you can choose from freestanding play tunnels or modular tunnels that turn your cage into a rat maze. Rats enjoy climbing toys like ladders, ropes and branches, and these can be used to add extra vertical space to your cage, as well. You can also find exercise balls for your rats, but these can cause back soreness and some rats don’t like them. Consider investing in a playpen to give your rats safe time out of the cage instead.

Fill your with rat cages with lots of different activities by incorporating chew toys, rolling toys, exercise toys, puzzle toys and more to keep your rats from getting bored. Hide toys in their rat hideouts, rat hammocks and beds for them to find or try burying new treasures in their bedding. You can also make some simple toys for your rats using cardboard tubes and boxes, or construct mazes for them using common household items. Chewy has all the rat supplies you need to create a fun and enriching habitat for your pets. Shop our terrific selection of pet rat toys and set your rats up for hours of fantastic amusement!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I keep my pet rat entertained?

Keep your pet rat entertained by including lots of different toys in your habitat. An exercise wheel, lots of chew toys, balls and things to climb will give your rat some stimulating outlets for activity, and tunnels are a great way to keep your rats happily running around the cage. Providing fresh bedding for burrowing and nesting and cozy hideouts are important for both play and rest, too. Try hiding treats or toys in the bedding to create fun foraging opportunities for your rat, or use a treat ball toy to make treating into a diverting game. Make sure your pet rat gets lots of quality time outside the cage and with you, as well. A small animal playpen will provide a secure place to play and let you interact more with your pet.

What kind of toys do rats like?

Rats like a variety of toys, including chew toys, tunnels, wheels, climbing toys and balls, but they will have a great time with almost anything you give them. Chew toys are important for both dental and mental health, while wheels, tunnels and balls provide healthy outlets for your rats’ playful energy. Dangling toys or activity centers for small animals are big hits with rats, and climbing toys like ladders, ropes and branches are a great way to provide extra exercise and save space in the cage. Experiment with a range of toys and see which types your furry friends enjoy most.

Can I give my pet rat stuffed toys?

You shouldn’t give your pet rat stuffed toys, as the stuffing or plush material can get tangled around their limbs or cause issues if ingested. The safest toys for rats are those made specifically for small animals, and you can find a great selection of rat-safe toys on Chewy.com. You’ll find lots of toys made from chew-safe materials like grass, wood or rope—including toys designed for chewing—plus lots of appropriately-sized wheels, balls and tunnels for rats. Your rats won’t miss having stuffed toys to play with and you can rest easy knowing they’re playing safely.

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