Hamster Wheels, Tunnels & Balls

Every hamster needs a hamster wheel for exercise along with various other activities for play and fitness. Chewy offers lots of great hamster exercise wheel styles, along with a variety of rolling hamster ball toys and hamster tunnel play tubes for added workout options.

Hamster wheels come in two main styles: the traditional ferris wheel-shaped design and the flatter, saucer-style wheels. Traditional wheels come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials, and you can choose from free-standing or cage mounted designs, solid-surface or wire construction and sizes ranging from small to large. The best wheel for your hamster will be big enough to let him run without arching his back, with a solid surface that protects his feet from the injury that wire can cause. Saucer or treadmill-style wheels provide a naturally flatter and usually solid running surface, but you still need to make sure your wheel is big enough that your hamster can run without twisting his body. Whichever style you choose, make sure to get a quiet hamster wheel to avoid annoying squeaking while you’re trying to relax or sleep.

Exercise balls are another great way to let your hamster get in some healthy running, and you’ll find lots of good options to choose from. The best hamster balls feature transparent construction, so your hamster can see where he’s going, and enough space that he doesn’t have to contort while running and risk spinal injury. Tunnels can also be set up to provide space to run, and the best hamster tunnels will be wide enough to allow airflow and made of chew-resistant, easy-to-clean material.

Some hamster cages will come equipped with a wheel and tunnels, but always make sure they’re adequately sized and ventilated to allow your hamster of your size and breed to play safely. You can encourage other forms of healthy exercise by providing hamster toys in the cage for your pet, including toys that dispense food or tasty hamster treats for added incentive. Hamster chew toys will also provide a good workout for your hamster’s teeth, and activity center toys with lots of chew surfaces will help keep them mentally stimulated as well as physically and “dentally” fit. Whatever hamster supplies you need to keep your little one healthy in body and mind, you can find them at Chewy.com. Shop our great hamster wheel selection and start building the perfect home gym and playground for your hamster!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do hamsters need a wheel?

Hamsters need a wheel to provide the exercise they require for good physical and mental health. Hamsters run quite a lot in the wild, so providing them with a good wheel will help them run off their natural energy and combat boredom in the cage. Choose a wheel that’s large enough to let your hamster run in a natural posture without bending and choose a solid surface to avoid foot and tail injury and bumblefoot from wire surfaces. Longer-haired hamsters may benefit from a spindle-free wheel, as well, to avoid painful fur tangles.

Are tunnels good for hamsters?

Tunnels are good for hamsters and satisfy their natural instinct to hide and burrow. You can find interlocking tunnels that make fun mazes for your pet to run around in inside or outside of the cage, or get one or two standalone tunnels to put in your hamster habitats and playpens. You can even make temporary DIY tunnels for your hamsters to play in out of cardboard paper towel tubes. Experiment and see what your hamster prefers and always make sure your tunnels have good airflow, a solid grip for footing, and safe, chew-proof or chew-friendly construction.

How long should a hamster be in a ball for?

A hamster should be in a ball for no more than 20 or 30 minutes and should always be supervised while in the ball. Make sure to get a ball that’s big enough for your hamster and watch him when you first put him in to make sure he feels comfortable in his exercise ball. Remove him if he shows any signs of distress and never use the ball around stairs or let small children pick up the ball.

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