Dog Urns

You celebrated your pet while she was alive, it makes sense you would want to celebrate her life one more time. The loss of a canine companion is never easy, but some people find solace in giving their beloved pet a memorial. Many people use dog memorials to cope with their loss and give their pet a proper goodbye. There are many ways to memorialize a pet and cope with the pain of their passing. If you choose to cremate your pet, you can find beautiful dog urns at An urn for dog ashes can look like a vase, keepsake box and even a locket. Pet urns for dogs come in a variety of styles and colors. If you are looking for a traditional dog urn for your pet memorial, consider the Best Friend Services Ottillie Paws Vertical Print Cat Urn. This solid brass urn is hand-forged in India by old-world artisans and is designed to last a lifetime. Hand-carved paw prints run vertically across the urn. The threaded screw top lid closes tightly to secure your pet’s remains. If you would prefer your dog urn to feature a picture of your beloved pet, consider the AngelStar Paw Prints Photo Frame Dog Urn. You can also keep your canine close to your heart with an ashes locket like the Cathedral Art Always in My Heart Memorial Ashes Locket. If you are planning a burial service instead, there are beautiful dog caskets as well. You can mark your canine’s resting place with dog memorial stones featuring a touching quote or message. Some people struggle with grief well after a pet has been memorialized. If you are having trouble coping with the loss of your pet, consider dog memorial books. You can honor your precious pet’s life with dog memorial picture frames and dog keepsakes. If someone you know is hurting from the loss of a pet, Chewy has gifts for dog lovers to brighten anyone’s day including lively dog wall decals and cute dog magnets. Saying goodbye to a companion is never easy. Chewy’s online pet store is here for you when you need us most.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Urns

What are dog urns?

Dog urns are vessels for holding the cremated remains of a family pet. Keepsake dog urns come in various styles and sizes to suit every taste and need. Many dog urns and memorials can be personalized with names, dates and inspirational quotes to honor a beloved deceased pet.

What size urn do I need for my dog?

You need an urn size that is big enough to hold all or part of the total volume of your dog's ashes. If you will be keeping all of your pet's ashes in the urn, a good rule of thumb is one cubic inch for every pound of a pet's total weight. Some families choose to spread part of the ashes in a favorite place in tribute, so a smaller keepsake urn may be appropriate for the remainder of the ashes. Chewy offers a wide selection of memorial dog urns in many sizes and styles to suit your needs.

Do dog urns have to be sealed?

Dog urns do not have to be sealed, but you can seal yours if you want to. Most pet urns close securely and tightly to properly store their contents. There are no specific health risks associated with leaving a dog urn unsealed, but you should still ensure your urn closes tightly to protect the ashes. Some people choose to store cremains in a plastic bag inside the urn for added protection.