Cat Urns & Caskets

The passing of a pet is always heartbreaking. No matter how much time you’ve spent together, or how much notice you’re given, it’s never easy to say goodbye to a beloved pet. Your cat was the ultimate companion and deserves to be memorialized. How you choose to memorialize your pet is entirely up to you. There are different ways to honor your cat and memorialize her life. Chewy has cat urns, so you can always keep your cat close by. For example, the Best Friend Services Ottillie Paws Slate Vertical Print Cat Urn features pewter paws and comes in three colors: ebony, brass and slate. This urn is hand-forged in India by old-world artisans and designed to last a lifetime. The vertical paw print pattern is hand-carved, and the threaded screw top lid closes tightly to secure your pet’s remains. There are cat urns shaped like stones and some that feature photos like the AngelStar Photo Frame Box Cat Urn. If you are planning on a burial with a cat casket, Chewy has memorial markers like the Grasslands Road Sweet Memories Pet Memorial Marker. Some people like to display cat memorial picture frames at home while others prefer subtle nods like cat decals. There are many kinds of cat memorials and cat keepsakes to choose from as well. If you are looking for ways to cope with your grief, Chewy has cat memoirs and cat books that might help. If you’re shopping for a pet parent who’s grieving, consider gifts for cat lovers including cat-themed clothing and accessories. No matter how you choose to memorialize your cat, Chewy’s online pet store is here to help you in the process with any dog supplies you need.

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