Waterless Cat Bath

While most house cats dread being submerged, they are often fascinated by water. Ever see a cat drinking from a dripping faucet or a cat drinking fountain? The fascination with water often stops there, though. While many cats enjoy looking at flowing water, they dread bath time. Cats rarely need baths because they’ve mastered self-grooming, but they might need a bath from time to time to remove sticky or smelly substances, or if they have a health condition that requires bathing. If you start bathing your kitty when she’s young, she’ll become accustomed to the feeling of water, making bath time an easier process for you both. If your fearful feline really hates bath time, try waterless cat bath products from Chewy. You’ll find everything you need to give your cat a bath without submerging them in water, including cat grooming wipes and waterless shampoo from top pet brands like Burt’s Bees waterless bath for cats, Earthbath cat wipes and Vet’s Best waterless cat bath. In some cases, a cat bath wipe is all you need to get your kitty clean. Chewy carries cat cleaning wipes from trusted brands like Earthbath, Petkin and TrueBlue Pet Products. These products make it easy to wipe away dirt, debris and allergens from your cat’s coat. Earthbath Hypo-Allergenic cat wipes are extra-thick and soft, conditioned with Hawaiian awapuhi extract, vitamin E and aloe vera. These cat bath wipes remove pet dander to help people address pet allergies. For a waterless cat bath, try Vet’s Best Waterless Cat Bath. This natural cleanser moisturizes skin and coats while soothing dry skin and reducing itching. Vet’s Best waterless cat shampoo is made with natural ingredients, including aloe vera, neem oil, vitamin E and oatmeal. If your feline hates taking a bath, try waterless cat shampoo and wipes from Chewy where you'll find the best pet supplies and cat products.

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