Dog Eye Wipes

Get rid of unsightly tear stains with the simple swipe of a wipe. At Chewy, you can shop a wide range of dog eye wipes from trusted brands like Angels’ Eyes dog wipes, Miracle Care dog eye wipes and Optixcare dog eye wipes. To find the best dog eye wipes for your furry companion, consider her specific eye needs. Tear stains are common among white-haired and smaller dog breeds. Those brown or red stains stand out against your canine’s beautiful white coat, making them look dirty or ill. And tear stains can be difficult to get rid of. The first step is to determine what is causing your pet’s eyes to tear up often. It could be allergies, a blockage or another health condition. Take your pup to the veterinarian if you begin to see tear stains. Once you’ve addressed any underlying health conditions, you can begin to work on removing the tear stains themselves. There are a variety of ways to remove tear stains, but dog eye care wipes make the job easy. A popular brand among pet parents, Angels’ Eyes Gentle Tear Stain wipes help to remove dried mucus secretions, discharge and tear stains from around your canine’s eyes. Angels’ Eyes dog wipes contain juniper berry oil, a powerful ingredient used to remove tough stains. No rinsing is required, which makes it easier to keep your dog’s eyes clean and clear while on the go. Keep your dog’s eyes clear of dirt and debris with Miracle Care Eye Wash Pads. These presoaked eye wash pads are convenient to take with you on walks or on trips to the beach or dog park. This formula has been a favorite among groomers since 1961. Keep your dog’s eyes clear of debris no matter where you’re off to with the best dog eye care and the best dog products from Chewy’s online pet store. Related Categories: Dog Eye Solution, Dog Eye Cleansers, Dog Eye Gel & Powder, Eye Care for Dogs

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