Botanical Animal Flower Essences Safe Journey Calming Pet Supplement, 1-oz bottle

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When you need to travel with your pet, the Botanical Animal Flower Essences Safe Journey Calming Pet Supplement may help to relieve travel anxiety so that the trip’s more enjoyable for you both. This supplement supports a reduction in motion sickness and claustrophobia. It also supports increased feelings of independence and safety, so your pet may load and travel more happily. You can use this supplement both before and during events that typically trigger your pet to get upset. It’s safe for cats, dogs, horses and small animals. This blend includes flower essences like European beech, German chamomile, dill and English elm. You can administer this supplement in many different ways, like by placing drops into your pet’s mouth or mixing drops into a water spray. You can also put drops into your pet’s drinking water or onto your pet’s favorite hard treat.

Key Benefits
  • Flower essences blend supports the relief of travel anxiety.
  • May help to support feelings of independence and safety so your pet loads more easily and doesn’t feel claustrophobic during travel.
  • Suitable for cats, dogs, horses and small pets.
  • Blend of quality ingredients includes European beech, German chamomile, dill, English elm, yellow monkeyflower and European oak.
  • Can be administered 4 different ways for ease and convenience.

Do no allow children to handle glass bottle. Use caution when administering flower essence with glass pipette directly into mouth. If using a plastic pipette, do not keep the plastic in bottle, as it may alter the flower essences and cause them to be less effective. Wash pipette after direct contact with mouth to prevent contamination. Keep away from open flames.

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Nutritional Info

European Beech, German Chamomile, Dill, English Elm, Yellow Monkeyflower, European Oak, And English Oak Flower Essences, Distilled Water And Distilled Vinegar.

Feeding Instructions
  • Oral: For the most effective and immediate results, placing the recommended number of drops into animals mouth using pipette provided or a plastic pipette is best. Wash pipette thoroughly after use before returning it to the bottle.

  • Spray: For feral or hard to approach animals, utilizing a spray is helpful. Add 3-4 drops to 8oz. distilled, purified or spring water in a spray bottle. Spray directly into air in the direction of your animals mouth, nose and ears as well as their paws, hooves, or feet.

  • Water:The easiest way to incorporate them into your life is to add the flower essences directly to your animals water bowl or bucket. Change water daily for best results and replenish the flower essences with each water change.

  • Food: Apply recommended number of drops to your pets favorite hard treat. Using hard dog biscuits, carrots or apples is best as these will not absorb the flower essences quickly and affect efficacy. This method is not recommended as the essences may be absorbed by the food and not be as effective as placing the drops directly into the mouth or water.

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