Advantus is a subsidiary of Bayer, the trusted global enterprise with core competencies in fields of health care and agriculture. Bayer’s Animal Health unit is the global leader in animal health, they work to offer innovative solutions and products to support the health of animals, farmers, veterinarians and pet owners. Bayer understands that the role animals play in our lives is growing in significance as humans and animals continue to live closer together. Animal lovers and pet parents are coming to expect the same quality of health care for their four-legged friends that they can claim for themselves and Advantus works to provide just that. Advantus has developed easy-to-administer soft chew flea treatments that eliminate the mess of topical treatments with a treat-style medication that quickly and effectively work to kill adult fleas. With constant companionship, loyalty and dependableness, it’s no wonder why their dog is every owner’s best-friend.

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