Prescription Pet Flea & Tick Medicine & Treatment

Fleas and ticks on your dog or cat can put a damper on your plans for quality time together. Not only are fleas and ticks an itchy nuisance, but they lurk behind many pet health conditions, not to mention that they can also transmit diseases. Chewy Pharmacy carries a variety of vet-prescribed and FDA-approved flea and tick medications with proven active ingredients to keep your pet protected all year long.

There are a variety of dog flea and tick treatments and cat flea and tick treatments that also help treat ticks and other parasites such as roundworms and hookworms. You can choose from prescription oral flea and tick treatments that are given with a meal, or prescription topical flea and tick medications, which are applied to the fur and skin. Most flea and tick solutions offer protection for up to a month per dose, and are formulated to eradicate ticks and fleas either in the immature or adult state, or both—which means they can help treat current infestations as well as prevent new ones from occurring. Some flea meds even start working within 30 minutes of taking them.

The flea and tick medications available in the Chewy Pet Pharmacy are the same ones you can get at your vet’s office, but are conveniently shipped to your door with a veterinarian’s prescription. Simply add the flea and tick meds to your cart and enter your vet’s information at checkout, and the Chewy pet Rx team will follow up with your vet. Then, it’s just a click and a short wait away to get your goodies and prescription pet meds. You can even add them to your Autoship if you have valid refills on your pet medication.

You can choose from flavored tabs and chewable “treats” that can be given just as you would any tasty dog treat or cat treat. There are also topical liquids that come in single-dose tubes that are applied to your pet’s skin and fur. Each dose provides a month of protection, and some will even work for up to three months. Monthly flea and tick treatments come with three or six doses, and three-month flea solutions come in a single dose per package.

You can find a flea and tick solution that’s right for your pal, no matter his size, with options for pets that are just 2 pounds or over 100 pounds. Don’t forget to pick up your prescription heartworm medicines as well for more complete protection for your fur baby. And throw in some dog treats, cat treats or pill pockets to make it easier to give your pets their flea and tick meds. It's just a click and a short wait away to get your pet supplies and prescription pet meds.

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