For over 80 years, Dremel has dedicated their time, attention to detail and expertise to crafting innovative and versatile tools for creative people all around the world. Now a household name for do-it-yourselfers, Dremel initially began their journey as a humble American manufacturer of simple rotary tools. Primarily known for their power tools, Dremel has now grown into an industry leader, with their impressive range of products spanning from cutting edge 3D printers to everyday nail grinders. In fact, while they may be new to the pet industry, nearly a century of experience allows this trusted and innovative brand to bring convenience and affordability to pet parents all around the globe. With their nail grinders, Dremel has succeeded in easing a problem plaguing pet owner’s everywhere—how to trim claws safely and quickly without agitating pets. Ultimately, their commitment to their customers is the same as it was in 1932—help clients make more by providing them with high quality, break-through products.

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