Inukshuk is a subsidiary of Corey Nutrition Company, who has been operating off the resource-rich Atlantic Coast of Canada for more than 30 years. Corey Nutrition has always been family-owned, founded in 1982 by Lee Corey who remains Chairman of the company. They continue to set high-standards for quality, research and innovation, and with a long history of science-based nutrition, superior safety standards and high level of customer care, Cory Nutrition has become synonymous with quality, care, and innovation for pets. Inukshuk has remained true to their parent company. Inukshuk knows that dogs who hunt, haul and protect need a special diet to fuel their high performance and that’s just what they created. With high-level nutrition for stamina and performance, their concentrated diets require less feeding to provide much needed nutrition to active dogs. Plus, with less feeding comes less clean-up and easier food related costs for a happier and healthier household all-around. They base their success on the important principles of optimum nutrition and maximum food safety to provide your four-legged family with the ideal nutrients for their specific lifestyle.

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