Seizures can be an unfortunate occurrence in certain animals, so K-BroVet has worked hard to provide a treatment designed to help. K-BroVet are the creators of K-BroVet Chewable Tablets and Oral Solution for Dogs. Both of these prescription medications are designed to help alleviate canine seizure disorders. Interestingly enough, these treatments were actually created so that veterinarians and their patients could finally have a reliable and consistent source of potassium bromide—a salt is commonly used as an anticonvulsant. With liver-flavored tablets and a butterscotch-vanilla-flavored oral solution, your dog will think his K-BroVet medicine is just another tasty treat. K-BroVet is part of the PRN Pharmacal family of brands—a manufacturer dedicated to the improvement of animal health by providing products and services that meet the needs of the veterinary medicine industry.  

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