From the beginning, the Lyric Wild Bird Food story has revolved around attracting more variety and more birds to America’s feeders by providing the best nutritional value possible, and today, that tradition of excellence continues with a full line of premium, hand-crafted options for birds – and bird watchers – of every feather. Operating its Binghamton-based plant as a kind of micro-lab for new ideas, they’re continually improving and innovating in the same, homespun yet surprisingly sophisticated way. Many of the employees have been a part of the operation for decades, and their love for their feathered customers – and the people who feed them – is evident in the care, dedication and pride that infuses their day-to-day work. Every variation of Lyric Wild Bird Food is developed based on five principles that have been a part of its manufacture from the beginning: Attracting More and a Wider Variety of Birds, Nutritional Value, Taste and Appearance, Freshness and Sustainability. These are people who love birds, and they fly the extra mile to ensure that the ingredients in each mix contain the nutrients birds need to thrive.

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