Pet House

Pet House was founded by a pair of lifelong friends and pet lovers named Robert and David. Friends since middle school, they went their separate ways after high school. Over the next 20 years, Robert ended up working for a few high-end retail brands, while David became a pet store owner, and they both become pet owners. So when Robert wandered into David’s pet store a few years ago, the old friends got to talking, and the conversation led to that of candles for pet owners. While David did carry some pet candles in his store, they both agreed that typical pet candles weren’t very stylish, and often the labels were downright embarrassing with words like “odor destroying” written everywhere. And most importantly, they weren’t safe for dogs or even people, using dye and paraffin that produces black smoke and soot. They quickly realized they could do better, and with that, Pet House was created. Safe and healthy, their line of 100% natural candles and air fresheners are safe, pleasing and stylish for the home and car.

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