Roudybush, Inc. was started by avian nutritionist Tom Roudybush. Tom spent 16 years doing nutritional research in the Department of Avian Sciences at the University of California where he studied a variety of birds and nutritional requirements of companion birds. Aviculturists who listened to Mr. Roudybush’s lectures began requesting that he design his own recipe, and in 1985 Tom did just that. He rented a space of 800 square feet and began his business with just a few minor pieces of equipment. By 1986, Tom was supplying three separate Nectar Diets for wildlife rehabilitators and the business didn’t stop growing there. Today, Roudybush produces high quality food in a 32,000 square foot warehouse with state-of-the-art equipment. Tom continues to follow his passion of nutritional research, and has even evolved his business to design recipes for birds with special needs such as growing chicks, overweight birds and birds with specialized nutritional needs due to diseases or obesity. Roudybush will always stay focused on the importance of nutrition for birds of all classes.

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