Frisco Odor Defense Lavender Fields Scented Clumping Clay Cat Litter

By Frisco
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This Item – Frisco Odor Defense Lavender Fields Scented Clumping Clay Cat Litter, 35-lb bag
Rated 4.408 out of 5 stars
$17.99Chewy Price

Spend $100, Get $30 eGift Card with code: FALL

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About This Item


  • Odor-busting, kitty-preferred litter from Frisco, by Chewy. Advanced odor defense technology fights odor-causing pet messes to combat litter box smells at their source, with a light lavender scent.
  • Forms clumps fast by quickly absorbing liquids on the spot to make scooping and cleanup easier. Fast-forming clumps also mean odors don’t hang around for long.
  • Uses clay so it looks and feels like what your cat would use in nature, with the bonus of a lovely lavender scent.
  • Low-dust formula helps minimize messes so you can handle all the litter box duty without the extra hassle.
  • Frisco products are crafted to deliver more happy moments together—from odor-absorbent litter to sturdy toys and cozy beds. Designed, tested and approved by the pet experts at Chewy.

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Learn More About Frisco From Our Team of Experts

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Litter FeatureClumping, Multi-Cat, Odor Control, Scented, Dust Free, Low TrackingClumping, Multi-Cat, Odor Control, Scented, Dust Free, Low TrackingClumping, Multi-Cat, Odor Control, Scented, Dust Free, Low TrackingClumping, Multi-Cat, Odor Control, Scented, Dust Free, Low TrackingClumping, Multi-Cat, Odor Control, Unscented, Dust Free, Low Tracking
Packaging TypeBagBagBagBagBag
Top IngredientsclayNatural clay, deodorizing systemNatural clay, deodorizing system

Questions & Answers

9 Customer Questions

There are two versions of Frisco cat litter with the scent called " Lavender Fields ". One is this new one, " Odor Defense " in the 35# bags. The other one is the older one called " Frisco Scoopable Multicat " in the 40# bags. What's the difference ?
Answer by ChewyOct 29, 2019
The Odor Defense version of Frisco's lavender scented litter features an additional, proprietary layer of odor fighting technology that blocks the formation of odor-causing ammonia.

Since Lavender essential oils are toxic to cats but not humans, what is the lavender scent derived from is it artificial so that it is non-toxic to cats?
Answer by ChewyMay 05, 2020
The soft lavender scent is synthetic and therefore non-toxic to cats. All fragrances in Frisco clay litter are synthesized to ensure the safety of your pet.

Does this smell like actual lavender (is it scented with lavender essential oil or another derivative of real lavender), or is it an artificial floral fragrance?
Answer by ChewyJan 07, 2020
This litter has a proprietary odor-neutralizing technology that fights strong ammonia odors instantly, and each swipe of the paw releases a fresh, floral scent. The fragrance used in the litter is synthesized using the same standards as fragrances that are meant for human use, using strict guidelines and certified suppliers that ensure it’s free of allergens or harmful volatile chemicals.

Anyone use in Litter robot?
Answer by ChewyMay 22, 2020
This litter is a premium clumping litter that is appropriate for use in the Litter Robot and other similar automatic litter box systems that require a clumping litter.

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Rated 4.408 out of 5 stars
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347 Customer Reviews

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By BecSD on Aug 18, 2023

What Happened??!

This used to be the best litter, I'd recommend it to everyone. But the last few bags have been awful!! It does not clump the urine, it turns into this weired sticky mess at the bottom of your box and that doesn't get hard, it stays wet and stinky. It is impossible to scoop, you have to dump the whole box to wash it out. I thought it was maybe just a bad bag I bought, but my mom said her bags are doing it too. Then I read the reviews, same thing for others. They changed their formula or something because this is absolutely pointless litter. I'm looking at my cat right now and she has that gluey litter stuck to her foot. Guess I'll be tossing the rest of this bag out and buying something else today.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Berni on Jul 31, 2023

Bit of a Mixed Bag

I chose to replace my current litter because my husband is injured and neither of us could go shop/carry 40lb boxes at the moment. Plus: Great price, good clumping action, delivered very rapidly, larger litter size meant less tracking Minuses: No real scent to speak of, larger litter size means more is used once clumps are removed, and as others have said, the 1/2 of the bags arrived either gouged open or split. Now, if you don't have multiple cats and need a strong scent AND if you have another container you can pour any spilled litter into, this is a good value and perfectly serviceable litter. I'm not sure I'll buy it again, but it does the job.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By ConnieMarie on Jul 28, 2023
Top 500 Contributor

Shame on you Chewy

As I just finished emptying out the litter boxes because this litter didn’t use less to soak up the pee as it used to I had to dump it all out! It was a stuck on gooey mess! I keep it at a constant level and clean them daily. Also, one bag had broken at the seal in the box and when I went to get my last bag from storage I found it broken as well! I’m just lucky I grabbed it from the top so litter didn’t end up on my carpet. This used to be a real quality product with a great price point. I tried cheaper litters, there prices went up so I thought the quality of this litter would be worth going back to, I am so disappointed with it and will have to just pay more for another brand. I had expected better from Chewy brands.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By Catlover on Jul 17, 2023

Both bags came apart at the top seam and had loose litter piled on the shipping box they came in. There was no smell left to the litter. I had to use it because I really needed it and didn't have the money to go buy more. I'm on disability so limited income.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Bibb on Jul 24, 2023

Happy cats, happy ME!

This litter is great, hands down!!! Does everything it says it'll do, my cats love it, and I love the price! I never thought I'd be so excited about cat litter - HA!

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Gigglsprite74 on Jun 17, 2023

What Happened?!

I like this litter, I really do. However the quality has gone down. The last two bags I've purchased had NO fragrance at all and the litter is tracking more than previous bags. I'm hoping that this is a simple case of a bad batch.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By 3FelineMom on Apr 13, 2023

No, No & No

After acquiring a new kitten and my last box of my favorite litter wasn't what it used to be I decided to try something different. This litter seemed okay at first when I mixed it with my old litter BUT once it was used on its own it became apparent it wasn't adequate. The scent of the litter is almost non-existent which wouldn't be a major problem if it worked otherwise but it doesn't. It has an excessive amount of dust and the only way to help keep the dust down is when you scoop the box keep the scoop just barely above the level of the litter but this doesn't work when the cats get in to do their business and kick up a cloud. It tracks more than my old litter but I guess it is better than some. The death nail on the coffin for this litter is the lack of solid clumps. It kinda clumps but when you attempt to scoop the clumps they crumble and fall through the scoop which means you are not removing the urine waste and are just dumping dirty litter back into the box! I will not purchase this again.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By kzkatz on Apr 4, 2023

How do they do it?

I'm extremely impressed. Tried this on a whim to see if it actually delivered on its odor control promise, and we've given it our worst, for sure. While I can't say it smells particularly of lavender, or anything much at all, what it never, ever smells like is any hint of something that came out of a cat. I'm so curious how they manage this, because no other clay litter of my experience has been anywhere near this effective. The only drawback for me is that it's clay, which has to be destructively mined out of the ground, for my cat to dump in. But I'm the one making the choice to use it. And it works like sorcery.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By A1 on Jul 27, 2023

Best litter I’ve found for Bijou’s litter box. Controls the odor and clumps good

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Luxy on Apr 13, 2023

Dust free and odorless

I’ve been searching for a dust free litter. This really is one. It’s also so great at keeping odor in. So much so that I don’t even realize I need to change the litter box because you can smell absolutely nothing.