Soggy Doggy

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Soggy Doggy was created by a mother of four human children and one rescued furry child. No matter how many times she told her kids to wipe the dog’s paws before coming in the house with wet paws, the kids seemed to forget and the house would inevitably get covered in muddy paw prints. An inspired solution came to this frustrated mom at the kids’ swim meet, when she watched a young diver dry off with one of those super-absorbent shammies. The light bulb went off, and she made the first prototype with a layer of an orange microfiber towel on top, spongy foam in the middle and a no-skid back. Well, the dog didn’t like the color orange so much and jumped right over it, but after a few more tries, she got the right formula. Using a microfiber chenille shag, the “noodley” fibers are super absorbent while snagging a good amount of dirt and debris. And the dog loved it too!