The Lazy Dog Cookie Co.

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The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. started off as a calling and turned into a career for one loving dog owner. Back in 2001, she decided to combine her love for dogs with a simple recipe and her home oven to make tasty cookies. She started off by just giving the peanut butter-flavored treats to her friends and co-workers, and the response was so amazing that she took them to an open-air farmer’s market in York, PA. Slowly The Lazy Dog cookies started appearing at more markets and in local pet stores, and it evolved into the successful company that it is today. Made from simple, beneficial ingredient that make them delicious and nutritious, they guarantee that all products are freshly made with only human-quality ingredients, with the well-being of dogs as the number one concern. In fact, helping dogs in need is one of the main reasons the company was started, and they donate to a variety of animal causes. Oh, and the name? Well it’s called The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. as a nod to the 18 hours of sleep that furry pals get per day.