Tuff Mutt

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Tuff Mutt promises to love dogs as much as their owners do. A company for dog owners run by dog owners, Tuff Mutt produces functional products with the highest of quality, and the goal is to further strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners. They are constantly on the lookout to improve outdoor adventures with pets, training sessions, or just hanging out in general. The point is just to let dogs and their owners enjoy each other—and so, enter Chester. The loving rescue of Tuff Mutt’s owners, Chester was adopted in the summer of 2015. Before he found his way into their home, he was found cold and starving in a parking lot, and then bounced around foster homes. But today, Chester has a happy home, and an important role in testing all of Tuff Mutt’s products—everything sold has received his official paw stamp of approval. And his bark is his bond.