Acepromazine Maleate (Generic) Tablets for Dogs

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Acepromazine Maleate is a prescription medication for dogs who need tranquilization or for dogs who suffer from motion sickness. It’s used as a pre-anesthetic and as an anti-emetic to prevent vomiting due to motion sickness. This medication is not a pain reliever but can be used to sedate animals for minor procedures, such as nail trims. Best of all, it comes in a tablet form, so you can easily hide it in a pill pocket and give it as a tasty treat or disguise it in your dog’s favorite wet food. Customers may receive this drug under the names PromAce, Aceproject.


Acepromazine Tablets can be used as an aid in controlling intractable animals during examination, treatment, grooming, x-ray and minor surgical procedures.

Possible Side Effects

A few rare but serious occurrences of idiosyncratic reactions to acepromazine may occur in dogs following oral or parenteral administration. These potentially serious adverse reactions include behavioral disorders in dogs such as aggression, biting/chewing, and nervousness.

Drug & Food Interactions

Antacids and antidiarrheal medications may reduce the effectiveness of this medication. Before starting acepromazine, tell your veterinarian if your pet is currently taking phenytoin, antiarrhythmics like quinidine, or beta blockers such as propranolol. Other drug interactions may occur.


Tranquilizers are potent central nervous system depressants, and they can cause marked sedation with suppression of the sympathetic nervous system. Tranquilizers can produce prolonged depression or motor restlessness when given in excessive amounts or when given to sensitive animals. Tranquilizers are additive in action to the actions of other depressants and will potentiate general anesthesia. Tranquilizers should be administered in smaller doses and with greater care during general anesthesia and also to animals exhibiting symptoms of stress, debilitation, cardiac disease, sympathetic blockade, hypovolemia or shock. Acepromazine, like other phenothiazine derivatives, is detoxified in the liver; therefore, it should be used with caution on animals with a previous history of liver dysfunction or leukopenia.

NOTE: For Generic Medications, picture displayed may not depict actual product. Generic medications may vary from one order to the next by size, color and shape depending on manufacturer. Customers may receive the same drug under the names PromAce, Aceproject.

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    Use according to your veterinarian's instructions.
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    PromAce, Aceproject
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    Acepromazine Maleate
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    Recovery, Anxiety
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Recommended Dosage

Dose varies based on pet's weight. Use according to your veterinarian's instructions.

Storage Instructions

Store at temperatures from 68° - 77°F.


What is Acepromazine?

Acepromazine is a prescription tranquilizer. Acepromazine is used to sedate animals for minor procedures (e.g., nail trims) and has also been used to prevent vomiting due to motion sickness. It is also used prior to anesthesia as a pre-anesthetic.

What are the benefits of Acepromazine?

Prescription tranquilizer sedates animals for minor procedures including nail trims. May be used prior to anesthesia.

How is this medication given?

Acepromazine tablets are given by mouth. Always follow the dosage instructions provided by your veterinarian. If you have difficulty giving the medication, contact your veterinarian. This medication should only be given to the pet for whom it was prescribed.

How does this medication work?

Acepromazine is a tranquilizer that depresses certain activity of the central nervous system and causes sedation and muscle relaxation.

What results can I expect?

Oral acepromazine will not reach its maximum effective level until approximately one hour after administration. The effect may last up to 12 hours. The effects vary markedly among dog breeds. Collies, Australian shepherds, greyhounds and giant breeds may be more sensitive to this medication.

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  • 5 out of 5 stars


    By on

    This product is amazing. After rescuing a bait dog and learning about his anxiety, this is the only product that can calm his anxiety to a manageable level for him. Would recommend this highly. We now have a much happier dog.

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  • 2 out of 5 stars

    My pit mix a no go

    By on

    So I got this because my dog gets over nervous with nail trim and will nip pull back everything. So I got this whoever's it got her in a high state of mind but did not knock her on her butt . So she still would not let me cut her nails the vet said this some time can happen and not always work on all dogs . Blah mad I got 15 tabs. If you need it try it it might work for your dog

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  • 5 out of 5 stars

    Same as vet’s but much cheaper!!!

    By on

    I have to give one of these to my Pitbulls when it rains or they tremble and shake from fear of thunder. They work within 10 minutes.

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  • 3 out of 5 stars

    Medicine review

    By on

    Item came exactly as described on their website. This medication works wonders. However, due to the customer service and difficulty getting this medication ordered it receives a less than stellar review.

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  • 5 out of 5 stars

    Acepromazine Maleate (Generic) Tablets for Dogs

    By on

    It works great for dogs that are hyper during storms and other things

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  • 5 out of 5 stars

    Worked great!!

    By on

    We use this to make nail trimming time a little less stressful for me and my dog !!

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