Horse Grooming Equipment & Storage

The most stunning stallions, sires and fillies are well-groomed with flowing manes and perfectly trimmed coats. It seems so effortless, but grooms and handlers know that the secret is a well-stocked horse grooming kit, complete with all the necessary horse grooming clippers and tools. Well, that and a lot of hard work in the stable. Horse grooming tools refers to brushes and combs, for sure, but it also means a good set of clippers and the horse grooming accessories that come with them. Keep the fetlocks, bridle path, face and ears free of stray hairs with Wahl's Show Pro Plus Horse Clipper Kit. It's got an adjustable blade and a long cord for moving around the horse easily. As a bonus, it comes with a soft face brush, a blade cleaning brush, blade oil and instructions. Your horse will look super polished, and trimming up the bridle path makes it easier to but on and take off the bridle. For on the go finish work, the Wahl Arco SE Cordless Horse Clipper does the work with an extremely quiet motor and cordless operation.Aside from the aesthetic reasons, clipping your horse with the right horse grooming accessories can also be what's best for your particular horse's health. In general, keeping your horse's coat cut short allows it to dry faster. If you live in a colder climate or if it's just cold during the winter, that's good news for sweaty horses that have a chance of catching a chill. You don't want your horse to freeze after a workout, so you might choose to clip her hair. Folks who live in a humid, hot state will also want to clip their horse's coat, but for a different reason. You can prevent overheating in the harsh summer heat by clipping off that winter coat, and horses with shorter hair are easier to cool down. Turn bath time into a breeze, at home or anywhere your escapades take you with the Ivation Handheld Portable Dog Shower. You can take the convenience and comfort of a shower for your pup on the go with this battery-powered portable shower that turns any water source into a steady, gentle stream—handheld and on demand! Then your horse's dampened steed with the Decker Horse Sweat Scraper. These premium horse grooming accessories from Chewy's online pet store where you'll find top quality horse supplies are the perfect choice for all of your grooming needs.

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