Horse Grooming Kits & Supplies

Groom your horse into the envy of the stables with horse grooming tools from Chewy. On Chewy you can find everything you need from horse grooming supplies to horse hoof care vitamins to keep your horse shiny, strong and healthy. Whether you are grooming your horse for a show, or simply keeping up your majestic animal's natural beauty, you can find quality grooming products from trusted brands on Chewy. When grooming a horse, it's important to start with a rubber curry brush. The rubber curry should be used in a circular motion to loosen dirt that's nestled under your horse's hair. Be gentle around bony areas, especially around his back or shoulders. You may want to avoid using a rubber curry on your horse's legs, since this can be a sensitive area. It's also important to avoid the face to prevent injury to the eyes. A rubber grooming glove has a pebbled yet gentle texture that can be used on the face and legs. The rubber horse grooming glove is great for removing deep-down dirt in your horse's coat during bath time. And a massaging curry brush works great to remove loose hair while giving your pony pet a relaxing muscle massage. Next, try a horse brush called a dandy brush to flick dirt off of your horse's coat. The flicking action is key to removing surface dirt and debris. Other helpful horse grooming brushes include a body brush and hoof pick with brush. The body brush is used to smooth down the horse hair, and get rid of any traces of leftover dirt. It's the body brush that often gives a horse's coat its shine and don't forget about horse shampoo. A hoof pick can be used to clean your horse's hooves. It's important to clean out the hollow areas on both sides of the hoof, and around the sole of the foot. Finish off with a polishing cloth to help your horse's coat shine a little more. For quality horse grooming accessories, and all other grooming products you can depend on Chewy. So whether you need some new horse feed or a few new horse toys Chewy's online pet store is where you'll find top quality horse supplies!

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