Horse Toys

While “horsing around" is typically frowned upon in the human classroom, horseplay is one of the best ways to train your pony pal. Encourage horse play with fun and stimulating toys from Chewy. Did you know that horse toys can help promote herd play, bring fun to training, and assist with proper digestion and eating behaviors? Horses have a natural desire to play and should be turned out for as much time as possible, depending on their regimen, workload and available facilities. Boredom can be detrimental to your horse's health; it can lead to destructive patterns that can become habitual if not stopped early. Exercise with a horse toy can alleviate boredom. And a horse toy can help take the pressure off his other pony pals by keeping him entertained when they're too tired to participate in play. The best toys for horses who have a high play drive are oversized horse balls. Horse ball toys are usually very large, come in bright colors, and can come with handles. One of the best horse toy brands is Horsemen's Pride, known for their wide range of quality horse toys. Toys for horses also include toys that work to make meals last longer. These toys are designed so that your horse must work longer for their snacks. The benefits of these toys include helping horses with digestive issues—preventing your horse from gulping his horse feed, makes grain meals last longer, provides entertainment and can replicate grazing behavior for horses on a diet. There are also horse chew toys for your filly friend. Horse stall toys, especially the tasty kind, can keep a stalled horse occupied and engaged. Training toys can also help improve your relationship with your steed and increase your bond. Keep your filly friend entertained and mentally stimulated with fun horse toys from Chewy's online pet store. Whether you need more horse tack supplies, a new bottle of horse shampoo, some horse treats or even a new horse brush Chewy is where can find top quality horse supplies!

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