Horse Ball Toys

Toys aren't just for dog toys and cat toys. Just like your dog loves to play fetch with all kinds of dog ball toys, horses love kicking around and chasing a good horse ball toy. Haven't you heard of horseplay? This playful behavior is even named after your hooved friends! Providing the right type of horse toys, especially balls for horses, is good for their physical and mental well-being. Horse toys do a lot more than just encourage play. Getting your horse moving around helps keep things moving in his stomach, too, by stimulating the digestive tract. And that leads to improved digestion. A horse ball toy can also be used as a unique training tool for groundwork and under saddle training. And of course, the most obvious function of balls for horses is that they entertain and relieve what vets call “stall stress by mentally engaging your horse. So what are these special balls for horses that we're talking about? Horsemen's Pride offers two types of horse ball toys that are available at Chewy. The 10-inch Jolly Ball is a small ball with a handle that horses can easily bite and toss around. It's the perfect size for shaking about in the stall, and you can use the handle to hang it up inside the stall. With an air-free design, this durable horse ball toy will still maintain its shape no matter how much your horse chews on it or bites it. There are scented versions that come in green apple, peppermint, bubblegum or blueberry, or you can go with the traditional unscented. The Horsemen's Pride Mega Ball is a bigger horse ball toy with three sizes that are indicated by color—25-inch (red), 30-inch (blue) and 40-inch (green). Just like the Jolly Ball, the Mega Ball can withstand chewing and stomping with an air-free design. It's great for playing with out in the pasture to encourage extra exercise time and reduce stall boredom. Balls for horses are pretty much like giant versions of a dog fetch toy, only they're made just for horses. They engage your horse's natural desire to be playful and enrich her days with some fun activity. So get horsing around with your favorite herd mate with a fun horse ball toy at Chewy's online pet store where you'll find top quality horse supplies!

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