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When you're sitting around with nothing to do, or waiting for someone, it can get pretty boring. Horses can feel bored, too, sometimes when they're spending time in their stalls. Sure, they get plenty of exercise and mental stimulation out in the field with training and toys, but how about livening up their indoor space with a few horse toys? Horse stall toys, especially the tasty kind, can keep a stalled horse occupied and engaged. You don't want your horse to get bored, which can lead to depression and displaying behaviors that can cause harm. So while he is inside the stall, give him something to focus on and enjoy, like some horse balls or horse treats. We've got just the things to help avoid stall stress. A simple solution is a chew toy or horse treat that you can hang inside the stall. Made from pure Himalayan salt, Horsemen's Pride Salt on a Rope gives your horse valuable nutrients while reducing boredom. It's a great source of iron, potassium and magnesium that can help replenish electrolytes that are lost from riding or training. This high-density rock resists breaking and biting, so it lasts a while. If you're looking for horse stall toys that add a little fun and also provide a delicious snack, we've got Horsemen's Pride Stall Snack with Apple Ball Horse Treat. This hanging treat and toy combo features an apple-shaped plastic treat holder at the top and an apple-scented ball toy at the bottom. You can fill the treat holder with different stall snack refills, including an apple- or molasses-flavored block or the Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Horse Treat Refill. These treats are all made in the USA, and the refillable horse stall toy provides an endless supply of fun. Try out some horse stall toys today and keep your horse healthy and active—even while he's in his stall. Whether you need some more horse feed, a new horse brush or even some horse shampoo Chewy's online pet store is where you'll find all of the top quality horse supplies today!

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