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Any good horse groom knows the importance of caring for a horse from head to tail. You need to have the best horse brushes to get your horse's coat clean and lustrous and to keep it that way, day in and day out. Horses are large, majestic creatures, and they have a lot of hair to take care of. That's why they require different types of horse brushes and horse combs, each with its own specific function. When you're gathering the best horse brushes and tools of the trade, you can pick them out separately based on your preferences, or you can get an all-in-one grooming kit, like Oster Equine Care 7-Piece Grooming Kit for Horses. If you've already got a grooming kit, this is great because you can replace your tools as needed by ordering them through Chewy. Here's a tour of our best horse brushes and combs. You'll start your routine with a quality rubber curry brush. As the first tool used, it's got a big job to do as it loosens dirt and hair and stimulates the skin to produce natural oils. Coarse rubber horse curry brushes like Oster Equine Care Comb is great for shedding out the winter coat and can be used before and during a bath. For sensitive areas around the face and legs, try Oster Equine Care Fine Curry Horse Comb. The rubber nubs are densely packed to gently massage while bringing dirt to the surface. Next up is a hard-bristled horse brush that flicks off the debris stirred up by the rubber curry brush. Wahl Horse Stiff Body Brush is up for the task with an ergonomic design and stiff bristles that remove mud, sweat, loose hair and dirt. After that's done, you'll reach for a finishing brush like Oster Equine Care Soft Grooming Horse Brush. Wahl makes it easy with a two-in-one Horse Combo Show Brush. With hard bristles on one end and soft on the other, it's a great flick brush and soft body brush for traveling. You'll also want to run a horse comb or horse brush through your galloping pal's beautiful mane and tail. There are several worthwhile bets on our site, including Tough-1 Great Grip Mane & Tail Horse Brush or Oster Equine Care Mane & Tail Horse Comb. Horse grooming products not only gets your horse's coat shiny, but it helps keep it healthy. It's also great for building a relationship between horse and handler. So try out some of our best horse brushes and get your horse ready for riding. Find this and more at Chewy's online pet store where you'll find top quality horse supplies!

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