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Find the best horse feed and treats for your filly friend on Chewy. On Chewy you can shop for high protein horse feed, natural horse feed and more from the top horse feed brands you trust. Chewy makes shopping for horse feed quick and easy. Simply search our vast inventory of horse supplies for the type of feed your pony pal prefers. Sweet feed comes in many forms, but typically contains a mixture of grain horse feed, corn and pellets for horses. It's the ideal feed for mixing in horse supplements and medications. Sweet feed happens to also be chewier than other types of feed, which can encourage better digestion. The high molasses content of sweet feed makes it ideal for trainers attempting to encourage their horses to eat more, or for the horse in need of an extra boost in energy. With sweet feed, you do risk your horse picking and choosing which elements he feeds on, ignoring the more nutritional ingredients. Horse feed pellets make it easier to ensure your horse consumes all elements of their feed, not just the sweet morsels. Pelleted feed means that all ingredients have been mashed and reformed together into a uniform nugget. Pellets are less chewy, which makes them ideal for foals and older horses. Horse feed pellets deliver concentrated protein and essential nutrients your mare needs without the added sugar. Reward your horse for a job well done with a tasty horse treat from Chewy. There's nothing wrong with treating your horse if it's done in moderation. Healthy horse treats containing apples, carrots and hay cubes are a good place to start when treat-training your horse. Remember, treats are only special when they're not available all the time. Select horse treats composed of healthy vegetables and fruits to keep your studly stallion well fed with quality horse grain feed and treats from Chewy's online pet store where you'll find top quality horse supplies! So whether you need some new horse toys, a new horse brush, some new horse shampoo or just a new horse ball toy, Chewy is sure to have everything you and your horse may need for a happy and healthy life!

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