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Cat neck wear is a great way to keep your feline fashionable without putting them in a full cat clothing. Whether you want to dress up your kitty with a carefree, colorful bandana for cats or go formal with a bow tie for cats, you’ll be sure to find neck apparel that’s perfect for your chic cat. Cat bandanas are fun, stylish and most importantly, easy to put on. Most mouse-chasers will find bandanas to be hassle-free, since it’s as simple as putting them on their cat collar; all you have to do is tie the ends gently around their neck. The best part about bandanas is they’re lightweight, so your cat can keep doing what cats do: playing with cat toys, getting lost in catnip bliss, or snoozing away on their cat tree. If your feline is feelin’ fancy, check out the Tail Trends Mr. Darcy Tuxedo Formal Dog & Cat Bandana. Inspired by the work of Jane Austen, this bandana is effortless to put on. In just a matter of minutes, your cat will be looking just like the handsome Mr. Darcy, but instead of chasing Elizabeth, he’ll be chasing that laser cat toy! For going casual, there are plenty of fun bow ties to choose from. The Blueberry Pet Handmade Dog & Cat Bow Tie Set offers a selection of different bow ties to choose from, plus these bow ties are easy to put on. Just attach the elastic bands on the back of the bow tie to your cat’s collar. Best of all, these bow ties are machine-washable, so no worries if he gets a little cat food on it. Thanks to cat neck wear, being dressed up can be hassle-free and comfortable for your feline friend. It’s an easy way to celebrate any special occasion in style with your kitty without the fuss of putting on a whole outfit. Shop this and more at Chewy's online pet store where you find the best cat products.

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