Dog Bandages and Wraps

When your dog gets hurt it’s a scary and frustrating time for the family. Whether it’s a cut from roughhousing at the dog park or digestive issues, addressing your dog’s pain quickly is an important part of good dog healthcare. All dog parents should have some knowledge of proper dog first aid. It is an important skill for any pet parent to have. You never know when your dog might get injured, so keeping dog first aid kits handy is crucial to fast healing. A proper dog first aid kit will have the essential items needed to address common canine injuries. Dog paw bandages are extremely crucial in preventing infections. Dog bandage wraps can also prevent bleeding and assist in managing your dog’s pain level. At minimum, your dog first aid kit should contain antiseptic, sterile pads and dog bandages and wraps. Additional items that can assist with pain management and dog wound care include dog splints and liquid bandage for dogs. Sprays like 21st Century Essential pet liquid bandage spray help protect minor cuts and scrapes from dirt and bacteria. It creates a waterproof seal over your pup’s abrasions and irritations. If your dog requires surgery or develops a rash, your veterinarian may recommend dog cone collars. While your dog may not enjoy wearing a recovery cone collar, it’s very important to his healing. Dog cones prevent your canine from obsessing over his wound, which is very common and can lead to infections. In addition to dog first aid, pet parents can promote healing with dog vitamins and supplements. If a joint injury is ailing your canine companion, consider Nutramax Cosequin joint health supplements. You can also promote healing and optimal health with prescription dog food specifically formulated for dogs. Find everything you need for proper dog first aid at today.

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