Guinea Pig Beds & Hammocks

Providing your guinea pigs with lots of good places to sleep will make them feel safe and comfortable in their environment. Chewy has lots of guinea pig bed options to choose from, including small and large guinea pig beds that sit on the floor, guinea pig hammock beds, nest boxes, hideouts and more. You can find lots of great lounging and hiding accessories for your guinea pigs in a range of cool styles and materials.

If you're looking for a supremely cozy guinea pig bed, try a plush cuddler bed or cuddle cup, which gives a sense of security without being completely enclosed. Plush cuddle beds can provide comfort and warmth for guinea pigs, or try one of the grass ones, which are cooler and can be nibbled as snacks. You can also find den-style or tunnel beds that are more enclosed for greater security or try mat-style beds or blankets for when your guinea pigs don't feel like hiding.

Another popular sleep spot you can get for your guinea pigs is a guinea pig hammock. Guinea pigs just love climbing into a cozy hanging hammock bed and snoozing or relaxing in peace. Just be sure to hang it low because guinea pigs don't like heights, or try a free-standing, guinea pig-friendly design that sits just a few inches off the ground. You can also choose a tunnel-style hideout; these double as both guinea pig beds and toys and work well for habitats that house multiple guinea pigs. You may even find your pigs playing hide and seek or napping together in them.

In addition to beds, you'll need to include a few guinea pig hideouts in your guinea pig cages to give your pets a safe place to hide and sleep. Put lots of fresh guinea pig bedding in your guinea pig hutch or enclosure to provide material for burrowing and nesting, and throw some guinea pig toys in there to ramp up the fun. Find all the guinea pig supplies you need to make your habitat comfy for sleep and play at Shop our great guinea pig bed selection and start setting up the guinea pig home of their dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions About Guinea Pig Beds & Hammocks

Do guinea pigs need beds?

Guinea pigs don't necessarily need beds, but many do enjoy them. Providing a comfy place to sleep can add interest to your pet's environment and keep them out of the hideout and in view more often so you can interact with them. Try out different options like cuddle beds, mats, blankets and hammocks to see what your guinea pig prefers.

What beds do guinea pigs like?

Guinea pigs like padded cuddle beds, den-style beds, hammocks, mats and more! Every guinea pig will have different preferences, so include a few different types of beds in your enclosure if you can. You can also find hideout-style beds for shy pets and nesting boxes, too.

Do guinea pigs like hammocks?

Most guinea pigs love hammocks and will happily settle into whatever soft hanging bed you choose. You'll need to be careful to hang your hammock very low, so your piggy won't mind getting in there and to avoid injuries from falls. Make sure to also choose a hammock without long hanging strings, to reduce the chances of your guinea pig getting tangled in them. You can find some cool hanging hideout and tunnel hammocks as well as blanket styles at