Rat Hammocks & Beds

Rats need lots of places to relax, play and hide in their habitat, so adding pet rat beds and hammocks to your cage is a great way to make it more comfortable and inviting. Chewy offers a wide selection of rat hammocks for sale—shop our site for open hammocks, hanging hideouts, tunnels that hang and other cool styles. We’ve also got some cozy rat beds for sale, including large rat beds that multiple rats can cuddle up in and smaller styles that are perfect for single rats.

The best rat hammocks and beds will be somewhat durable, because rats can be a little rough with their cage accessories and will often use hammocks and even beds for play. Look for machine washable pet rat hammock styles in polyester or nylon with reinforced straps for extra security, or choose a bed made of strong fleece or plush. Pet rat bed and hammock options come in a variety of fabrics, and you can find everything from ultra-soft plush to lightweight poly hammocks and beds to suit every season and personal rat preference.

Most rats love hammocks, and they’re a great way to add vertical space to your cage for rest and play. Choose a more enclosed hammock to give your rats privacy for rest, or pick a flatter hammock that your rats can use to jump around and frolic on, too. How you secure the hammock can make a difference, as well. Hammocks and sleep pouches with just one or two straps tend to swing more and work great for rats who like to jump and sway, while those with straps at all corners can be hung to move less, so they can be used as platforms as well as beds.

Hanging rat hideouts and rat tunnels will save floor space in your cage and give your rats fun places to play hide and seek up in the air. You can also hang hammocks at different levels in your rat cages to create a series of play and sleep for your rats to jump to and from. Try putting rat toys in your beds and hammocks, too—they’ll add an extra element of fun and adventure to the cool hide and sleep spots you’ve added to your rat habitats. Chewy has all the rat supplies you need to create a stimulating and restful habitat for your pets. Shop our great lineup of pet rat beds and hammocks and set your rats on the path to sweet dreams and exciting play sessions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do pet rats need beds?

Rats don’t absolutely need beds, but many do enjoy having a cozy place to sleep. Cuddle beds can bring warmth and a sense of security to rats, while hammocks can provide opportunities for both play and rest. Some rats just enjoy having different places to explore in their cages, so having a mix of beds and hammocks can add interest and adventure to their habitat. Experiment and see what set up works best for your rats.

Do rats like hammocks?

Rats usually do like hammocks quite a lot, as they provide great opportunities for rest, privacy and play. They love to climb into them and even seem to enjoy the swinging motion and the added challenge that comes from movement. Hammocks also provide rats with an extra feeling of safety—the semi-enclosed environment combined with being up high makes rats feel naturally secure. Your rats will also enjoy having the extra room to run around in the cage and all the added excitement of having different levels to sleep and play on.

What is the best hammock for pet rats?

The best hammock for pet rats will be made of durable material and have secure straps that safely attach to the bars of your cage. Beyond that, the best hammock for your rats will depend on their preferences and other factors like how much room you have in your cage. Hanging pouches or hideouts can save space and are great for rats who like to hide, while flatter hammocks work well for rats who like to lounge and play in their hanging beds. You can even find hanging tunnel beds that double as fun exercise and play areas. Try a mix of styles and see which ones get used the most!

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