Cat Food Can Covers

No loving pet parent wants to feed their beloved kitty bad cat food or stale treats, but that’s what can happen without proper cat food storage. Without the right cat food storage containers, humidity and pests can make their way into your cat food and cause it to spoil faster. The result is wasted money and an unhappy kitty. Air and humidity can also cause bacterial growth like salmonella on your dry and wet cat food, making your cats sick. For these reasons, it’s important to store your cat’s food properly. Keep your cat’s wet food fresh with cat food can covers from What is a cat can cover? Unlike some dry pet food, wet can food can’t be resealed once opened. Covers like ORE Pet Can Covers seal wet cat food cans between feedings, keeping food like Tiny Tiger cat food fresh. ORE cat can covers are made with flexible silicone and covers three standard pet food sizes. They come in a variety of fun colors like pink, orange, blue and green. Dry cat treats and food should be protected as well to prevent food from going stale and being thrown out. Chewy has fun cat treat jars that will keep treats fresh and look better on your kitchen counter than treat bags. Choose a stylish design like the Bone Dry Paw Lattice Print Ceramic Cat Treat Canister or a classic design for your kitchen like the Park Life Designs Manor Treat Jar in blue or green. Accessing your cat’s food and treats is easier with convenient cat food scoops. Chewy has plenty of scoops including the easily stored Dexas Popware for Pets Collapsible KlipScoop. Make sure your feline friend enjoys fresh wet cat food every day. Use cat food can covers and other food containment options from our online pet store to protect her meals.

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