Dog Odor Candles & Air Fresheners

There’s no denying the joy that dogs bring to a home. Dogs are members of the family, but as much as we love our dogs, they can make it difficult to maintain a clean and fresh-smelling home. As wonderful as dogs are, they like to get dirty, and that means introducing new odors to your home. Those odors can linger in carpeting, rugs, furniture, bedding and clothing. Thankfully there are products that can get rid of lingering dog smells. While dogs practice some self-cleaning, they do so at a less frequent basis than cats. If you’ve got a persistent pet odor, candles for dog odors, dog odor absorbers and air fresheners for dog odor can help you maintain a nice-smelling home. At Chewy you’ll find a variety of pet odor candles and air fresheners specifically designed to neutralize pet odors. We carry a whole range of enzyme-formulated candles from Pet Odor Exterminator. These deodorizing candles come in many different scents, from creamy vanilla to orange lemon splash. Eliminate odors from your car with a paw-shaped dog house car freshener or a Dog is Good air freshener from Chewy. To handle cat litter box odors, tuck a Moso Natural air purifying bag behind the box. Don’t let odors come between you and a clean-smelling home. Eliminate and neutralize odors with candles, odor absorbers and air fresheners to keep your home and car smelling fresh from Chewy's online pet store where you find the best dog products.

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