Reptile Carpets

The best reptile carpets and liners will help keep your reptile's feet and belly clean. They're soft and non-abrasive alternatives to organic materials that won't irritate tender undersides or lead to bacterial buildup and infections. Plus, a lizard carpet can aid in muscle development too. You can try lining your reptile terrarium with Zilla Terrarium Liner. It's an easy to use substitute compared to traditional terrarium liners which tend to require more tedious and frequent cleaning. It's a wonderful low-maintenance option that is great for first time pet reptile parents. The cut-to-fit design allows for a perfect fit in various sizes of habitats, and the carpet-like material won't irritate your pet's sensitive feet and helps reduce reptile odors with a special biodegradable enzyme treatment. Best of all, you just have to rinse the reusable liner with cold tap water, and it's clean again. Exo Terra Moss Mat Terrarium Reptile Substrate creates a rainforest-like feel that will allow your reptile to feel right at home. The proper retpile substrate is necessary for the health and well-being of your reptile by absorbing waste and controlling humidity in his habitat. It's extremely natural-looking and can be used with all types of reptiles and amphibians. Simply rinse clean when soiled, and replace as necessary. You can also choose Exo Terra Sand Mat Desert Terrarium Reptile Substrate to create a desert-like environment. It's a safe, hygienic substrate substitute that's sturdy, easy to remove and easy to clean. There's, also, no loose sand or soil, so it cannot be accidentally ingested. Reptile carpet and liners are perfect for keeping your pet reptile's tank clean and for preventing uncomfortable irritations. Shop Chewy's online pet store today for great deals on lizard food, reptile heat lamps and all of the other the best reptile supplies.

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