Dog Clipper Blades & Blade Care

Both home dog groomers and professional groomers can get the perfect cut every time, as long as they have a good set of dog clippers. Maybe you want to try out the lion cut that's popular with Pomeranian owners. Or you need to get your pooch a summer cut to keep her cool. And there's always the long-haired breeds that tend to get annoying mats or regularly need the sani trim to keep things clean at the back end. Whatever your pet's needs, you're sure to find the right dog clipper blades from Chewy. Dog clipper blades come in sizes from #3 to #10. It all depends on how short or long you want to keep your pet's hair—the higher up you go in size, the shorter the hair will be. You might also want different blades for different areas of the body and for different breeds. Dog clipper blades are great for giving your pup a trim at home and are essential tools for professional dog groomers. Clippers can keep coats manageable and tangle-free and put the finishing touches on the feet and face areas. The top brands for pet clipper blades include well-known brands like Andis clipper blades, Oster clipper blades and Wahl clipper blades. Chewy carries dog clipper blades from each of these trusted brands. You can find detachable pet clipper blades and adjustable replacement blades to fit the most widely used pet clippers. We've also got premium dog comb attachment sets for a safe, uniform cut. Most quality pet clipper blades are made from carbonized steel with finishes that resist rust and corrosion. The Andis UltraEdge Detachable Blade features an exclusive hardening process that extends the life of the blade and helps it stay sharper longer. Wahl's Adjustable Blade Set includes a #30-#15-#10 blade that's extremely versatile and fits all Wahl adjustable blade clippers. You'll find every type of clipper blade you need, including skip-tooth dog clipper blades for thicker coats. Find the ideal dog clipper blades for your dog’s breed and coat at Chewy's online pet store where you find the best dog products.

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