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You might think that chasing your all-too-suspicious pooch around with a dog toothbrush is the only way to clean her teeth on a regular basis. But if you check out Chewy's online pet shop, you'll find tons of unique dental products for dogs that you can try -aside from the old brush and paste routine. Dog dental care starts at the vet's office with scheduled cleanings, but you can keep your pet's teeth sparkly and gums healthy in between with our best dog dental supplements. When it comes to dental products for dogs, there are three key target areas: fighting bad breath, gum support, and plaque and tartar control. These treatments come in various forms such as powders, drops, chews and capsules so that pet parents can customize a dog dental care regimen that fits their pets' needs. By using just a few of these helpful products, you can improve your pup's oral hygiene without too much effort or resistance. The main complaint from dog owners about their dog's dental health is bad doggy breath. [NaturVet dental care]'s answer is VitaPet Adult Daily Vitamins Plus Breath Aid, a chewable tablet that combines vitamins and minerals with parsley as a natural breath freshener. For a more hands-off approach to dog dental health, you can add VetriScience Perio Support Everyday Health Dog & Cat Powder Formula to your fur baby’s meals, and allow this supplement to help prevent tartar buildup and plaque formation by working organically to eradicate bacteria. VetriScience Coenzyme Q10 is a natural antioxidant and immune system enhancer that helps keep gum tissue healthy. Earthbath dental care and John Paul Pet dental care both offer tooth and gum wipes with baking soda for cleaning and mint or peppermint oil to freshen the breath. And of course, there are many dental products for dogs that get rid of plaque and tartar buildup. Animal Essentials dental care is fortified with five well-researched plant enzymes that have been proven to fight plaque and bacteria in the mouth. Ora-Clens dental chews are another great chew that helps remove plaque and tartar and uses enzymes to eliminate bad breath. Animal Essentials SeaDent uses organic kelp and plant enzymes to fight plaque and bacteria. With so many options for dog dental care, you might not know where to start. Read through some of the reviews on Chewy to help you pick out the best dog dental supplements for your four-legged sidekick. Find this and more at Chewy's online pet store where you find the best dog supplies.

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