Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

Looking for a cat food with the nutrients of prescription cat food but the flavor of raw cat food? Consider freeze-dried raw cat food for the cat with a wild side who needs a boost of nutrients. Feeding your feline a raw diet means feeding them uncooked animal muscle meat, organ meat and bones. This type of cat food diet is also known as the BARF diet, or “biologically-appropriate raw food.” Some cat owners prepare these diets themselves, but despite wanting to, many pet parents don’t have the time to prepare their own raw pet food. With the best freeze-dried raw food for cats, you can cut the time spent preparing food down dramatically. Freeze-dried raw cat food preserves the nutritional quality and consistency of the raw food your cat loves by only removing moisture. There are a few ways to serve your cat freeze-dried raw cat food including raw cat toppers & mixers and raw cat treats. Treating your cat doesn’t have to lead to weight issues. Raw cat treats are healthy and contain few calories. For a healthy freeze dried raw treat, consider PureBites shrimp cat treats made with just one ingredient – wild caught shrimp. Raw cat food toppers can boost the nutritional value of any cat kibble. Simply sprinkle a bit on top of your cat’s favorite food for a boost of flavor and nutrition. Add fresh meat to your cat’s meal with Vital Essentials beef freeze-dried raw cat food topper. The recipe contains wholesome beef, bone and organ meats for a delicious flavor your cat will crave. In addition to freeze dried raw cat food, pet parents have the option of frozen raw cat food. Store them in your freezer until the night before serving, then move it to your refrigerator to defrost. Whether you’re looking for freeze-dried raw cat food or raw dry cat food, you’ll find everything your cat needs including great food, cat litter and the best cat litter boxes, as well as cat grooming supplies at, the #1 online pet supplies store.

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