Goldfish Food

What do goldfish eat? Educating yourself on what the best fish food is for your goldfish is vital, so your seven-finned friend has all of the nutritious pellets and flakes he needs for a balanced diet.

One of the first indicators of good health in goldfish is having shiny and vibrant colors. If your fish don't have that bright orange color that goldfish are known for, you might consider changing their diet to see if that helps.

One option is fish food that comes in goldfish flakes, which float at the water’s surface. This is a great option for fish hobbyists since they won't get stuck underneath fish tank decorations or sink to the bottom. TetraFin goldfish flakes fish food is a scientifically developed mix that is packed with highly nutritious ingredients; there are also vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, which helps boost immunity and protect your goldfish against stress and disease. With our wide selection of flaked fish food, your goldfish can start living his best life.

Floating and sinking pellets both have their own unique benefits. Like flakes, floating fish pellet food stay at the top of the tank, so it's easy to scoop out uneaten pieces. But, there are also undeniable perks of sinking pellets. Omega One medium sinking goldfish pellets drop down to the bottom of the tank for easy consumption and are formulated specifically for a goldfish's digestive system. Add this to your goldfish’s diet, and the natural pigments from the salmon skin in this formula will help your fish maintain lively coloring.

Whether you're looking for flakes, fish wafer food, pellets or granules, Chewy offers a wide selection of fish food formulated with your goldfish in mind. Find all your fish supplies at Chewy's online pet shop.

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