Small Pet Habitat Expansions

One of the most special pieces of small pet ownership is cultivating the perfect habitat for yourself and your furry friend. By adding a variety of mouse, rat, gerbil and hamster tubes to your pet's habitat, you have the opportunity to mimic the natural, underground habitat, with a maze of pathways and resting spots that let your creativity and personality shine. Because the possibilities are endless, the final layout of your pet's home is up to you. An expanded habitat will peak your small pet's interest, keep her entertained and lead to added activity and exercise. Here are some of our top picks: If you have a Habitrail habitat, Habitrail OVO Adventure Pack adds fun, excitement and extra space to your pet's existing home. When attached to a Habitrail OVO Home, this add-on feature gives your pet plenty of opportunities to climb, explore and rest with the numerous attachments. You can also try the Habitrail OVO Mini Hamster Maze, a fun and cozy spot for your hamster to play, hide and sleep in, with a unique, chewable cardboard insert. There's also a range of customizable Habitrail OVO Hamster Habitat Extension pieces to make it your own—cubes, tubes, towers, windows, U-turns and more.If your pet is living out her life in a Kaytee CritterTrail habitat, consider the additional options of the Kaytee CritterTrail Small Animal Accessory Kit or the variety of add-ons, including a lookout, loop and attachable exercise wheel. The Activity Kit, featuring 11 pieces, including tubes, a lookout, a resting spot and more, allows for customization and hours of fun for your pet. If you'd like to add mileage to your habitat's tubeage, check out Kaytee CritterTrail Fun-nels Small Animal Accessory Kit, with assorted straight and curved tubes.Explore these, and many more options, as you construct the very best habitat for your little pet at Chewy today.

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