Mouse Habitats & Cage Extensions

When shopping for a mouse habitat, you’ll want to look for one with enough space for exercise, play and rest. Chewy offers a wide selection of pet mouse habitats for sale, including large mouse habitats, compact habitats for mice, mouse habitat extensions and more. We also carry a range of great accessories to make your mouse enclosures and habitats cozy and healthy for your pets.

The first thing to consider when choosing a mouse enclosure is security. The best mouse habitats will be difficult to escape, with wire bars spaced no more than ¼ inch apart (smaller for baby mice) or glass or plastic walls with a tight-fitting, well-ventilated lid. Be sure that any doors or lids latch securely and that the cage material is chew-proof. Wire cages with horizontal bars let mice climb, and you can also find multi-level mouse habitats with ramps and platforms for extra vertical space. Your mouse habitat should have a solid surface floor to avoid injuring your mouse’s feet and provide at least two square feet of space per mouse.

Aquariums and plastic cage systems with tunnels and wheels can work for mice and provide good escape prevention, but ventilation may be a concern and cleaning them can be a bit more involved. Some determined mice may even be able to chew their way out of a plastic enclosure, so be sure to use caution if you choose one of these. You can also find instructions for building a DIY home for your pets, but make sure it’s well-constructed and escape-proof before you use it.

Whatever style you choose, look for habitat that has enough room for a running wheel, ramps or ladders, and possibly a tunnel or two so your mice can zip around. You’ll want to provide a few cozy mouse beds and hideouts in there for your little buddies, along with some fun mouse toys to keep them occupied. Mice also require a thick layer of mouse bedding at the bottom of their habitat for play, rest and elimination along with a few mouse water bottles and feeders to keep them hydrated and fed. Chewy has all the mouse supplies you need to set up a fun and comfortable habitat for your pet mice, plus essential supplies like mouse food, treats, litter and more. Check out our great selection of mouse habitats and start building the home of every mouse’s dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do mice need in their habitat?

Mice need places to rest, eat, drink, play, exercise and eliminate in their habitat. Essential supplies like water bottles, tip-proof bowls, hideouts, toys and mouse wheels should be in every mouse cage, as should lots of fresh bedding for burrowing, relaxing and elimination. Mice need chew toys to keep their teeth nice and trim, as well, and some mice will use a litter box if you put one in their cage. Fun areas to run around, play and explore, such as tunnels and ramps, make great additions to a mouse habitat, too.

Where do you put a mouse habitat?

Put your mouse habitat in a low-humidity area away from direct sunlight, excessive noise and other pets that may frighten your mice. Keep the temperature between 65 and 75°F and monitor your mice for signs of stress or odd behavior. It’s a good idea to put the habitat somewhere your mice will get to see other family members regularly, but take care to not put it somewhere too busy and avoid rooms like bedrooms where their nocturnal activity may disturb people.

Can two mice live in the same habitat?

Two mice can live in the same habitat and they will usually enjoy having the company of other mice. Mice are social animals who live in groups in the wild, just avoid opposite sex pairings to prevent breeding and be careful of male-male pairs as they may fight. Two females will usually get along just fine, as do many male littermates raised together from birth.

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