Ice Cream for Dogs

Give your best friend a frozen treat to remember with a delicious dog ice cream made just for him. Chewy carries several tasty varieties of ice cream for dogs, including peanut butter dog ice cream, vanilla dog ice cream, and even birthday cake-flavored dog ice cream treats for special occasions and milestones. Your pooch will feel like a very special pup indeed when you bring out the canine ice cream.

Most dog ice creams come as easy-to-use powdered mixes that you just mix with water and freeze. They’re usually made with more dog-friendly ingredients than human ice cream, so you won’t have to worry about upset tummies or dangerous ingredients. You can find ice creams in canine-approved flavors like peanut butter, watermelon and vanilla, and the best brands use lactose-free milk and lower amounts of sugar for easier digestion and fewer calories.

Experts recommend against feeding human ice cream to dogs because it can contain hazardous ingredients, difficult-to-digest lactose and too much sugar for our furry friends. Feeding an ice cream made specifically for dogs means you won’t have to worry about ingredients like toxic xylitol or chocolate, either, so they’ll provide peace of mind for you, too. The powdered mixes are also conveniently shelf-stable before mixing and keep well in the freezer once made for several weeks or more.

Chewy offers lots of different types of dog treats to help you make treat time extra rewarding for your best buddy. You can find a range of dog lickable treats like dog peanut butter and squeeze treats for filling toys, as well as more traditional soft and chewy dog treats in a variety of textures and flavors. Ice cream treats are a great choice for both hot days and pup birthdays, or you could try some of the cool dog cakes and mixes we carry for special celebrations. Shop our great selection of doggie snacks and rewards to find the perfect treat for any occasion. Check out our delicious dog ice cream range and pick up a pint that’ll make any day feel special for your favorite pup!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs eat ice cream?

Dogs can’t eat ice cream made for humans because the lactose in milk will cause bloating, gas and indigestion. Regular ice cream also has a lot of added sugar, which isn’t great for dogs, plus some varieties contain ingredients like chocolate or xylitol, which are toxic to canines. The good news is that there are several doggie ice creams made specifically for pups, so there’s no need to feed your furry friend anything from your personal ice cream stash. As with all treats, feed dog ice cream in moderation and always monitor your pet for unwanted weight gain.

What kind of ice cream can I feed my dog?

You can feed your dog ice cream made expressly for canines—preferably one made with lactose-free milk and (mostly!) wholesome ingredients. Most dog ice creams come in easy-to-use powdered mixes that you can just mix up with water and freeze. Many varieties are also grain-free and free from unnecessary additives, too.

Is dog ice cream safe?

Dog ice cream is safe, and Chewy only carries dog ice creams that are made to be easy to digest and nutritionally appropriate for dogs. As with all treats, moderation is key to keeping your dog healthy and avoiding unwanted weight gain, so only give ice cream occasionally and keep an eye on how much you give. You should only use treats as a fun supplement to a complete and healthy, balanced diet.

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