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Are you looking for a fun, fashionable way to keep your pup in warm and cozy dog clothes this winter? Every fashion-forward dog has fun dog dresses, dog fashion accessories and shirts for dogs in their wardrobe, but what about when it comes to winter wear? Well, Chewy’s wide selection of dog clothing also includes a variety of dog jackets and dog coats that are designed to fit every pet parent and their pet’s needs, including dog coats for winter, dog raincoats and stylish dog jackets. Dog jackets are a great option because they are functional but also allow you to express your pet’s personality. If you are looking for a cozy, fashionable dog jacket for winter, the Zack & Zoey Elements Jacket may be just what you are looking for. The scalloped faux fur pattern, satin inner lining and faux feather trim on the hood make this one dazzling dog jacket that is sure to keep your fur friend nice and toasty. For a more rugged but stylish look, you can try the Pet Life Fashion Parka dog coat. This black, white and gray camo print dog jacket is sure to keep your pet warm during colder weather with its inner fleece lining and detachable hood. It is also lined with 3M Thinsulate Thermal Heat Retention Technology, so it is perfect for a frosty evening stroll during the winter months. If you want your dog to fit in with the hip crowd, the PetRageous Designs Jackson dog jacket will certainly do the trick. The mixture of red and black plaid and gray fabrics, along with the faux fur trim, give this fashionable dog jacket that “lumberjack” vibe that all hipsters can appreciate. It also fastens around your pup’s belly, which makes it easy to put on and take off. If you want your dog to look like they just got home from a ski trip, the Touchdog Sherpa dog coat will definitely provide your dog with a sophisticated and cozy outfit. To really help your pet stand out as a trendsetter while also keeping their precious paws warm and safe, you can even add a set of fun dog boots to their ensemble. Dog jackets don’t just have to be for the winter time. These versatile and fashionable dog coats can also be used to keep dogs with short hair or no hair at all warm during any bout of cooler weather or having a little fun during the holiday season like with a dog santa coat. They help keep your pet safe and warm while also allowing your pup to express their personality and attitude. While you’re shopping for winter dog clothes, don’t forget to check out Chewy’s selection of dog leashes and dog collars, so your pup can be styling from his leash to his paws. Find the best dog fashion jackets and more at Chewy's online pet store where you find the best dog supplies.

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