Dog Training Leashes

Teaching your dog to walk on a dog leash is one of the most important things you can teach. Proper leash walking etiquette involves having your dog walk at your side, ideally matching your stride as you stroll down the sidewalk. At the very least, you don’t want your dog out in front of you, pulling and dragging you down the block. This can be dangerous, as she could knock you down if she lunged at a squirrel, or she could run out into the road.

A daily stroll will be a part of your pup’s everyday exercise routine. With so many walks ahead, teaching your dog to walk properly on a leash is important to your relationship with your furry friend.

Leash walking takes practice. This is where a dog training leash can come into play.

Chewy offers a variety of dog training leashes that can help a pet parent to teach their dog to walk properly on a leash. The OneTigris training bungee dog leash is made from heavy-duty nylon that is lightweight and durable; contains a dual handle, which allows for pet owners to get a grip on their pups in any situation; and has a padded control loop that lets you quickly reel in your dog anytime you need her to be right by your side. The Mendota Products Pro-Trainer check cord dog lead is a 30-foot dog training lead that allows you to gradually give your dog more distance while maintaining control over her movements in the process. And the Dog Gone Smart I’m Gismo treat container with training clicker clips onto a dog training leash and contains a built-in treat dispenser and clicker so that you can reward your dog anytime she walks properly on her dog training leash. Don't forget that dog treats can be helpful in training a dog to walk on a leash too. Shop Chewy's online pet store for all your dog supplies.

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