Cat Litter Box Furniture & Enclosures

While a cat litter box is an essential part of cat ownership, it doesn’t always need to be on display in your home. Chewy offers hidden litter boxes that allow you keep your cat’s litter box out of sight but still accessible to your cat. This litter box furniture ensures your style won’t suffer due to pet ownership. Litter box enclosures come in many shapes, sizes and colors, which means you can find one that fits perfectly into your home’s decor. Your guests won’t even know that the stylish cupboard in the corner of the living room actually doubles as a hidden litter box. The Trixie Wooden litter box cover has a stylish exterior that helps pet parents camouflage the litter box in plain sight. And with the use of an odor control litter box, it could be right in your living room, and guests would be none the wiser. Chewy also offers litter box enclosures with extra space so you can store your cat litter and cat litter accessories in one place. Many litter box enclosures are even spacious enough to accommodate all your cat litter supplies, including room for a convenient self-cleaning cat litter box. If you are looking for a cat litter box enclosure for your “catio,” or for one with a little extra flair, you can try the Good Pet Stuff hidden cat litter planter. This cat litter box enclosure is designed to look like a regular houseplant and is sure to fit the decor of any room. Cat litter box enclosures aren’t just great for disguising your kitty’s potty area—they are also great for containing the mess. For maximum mess control, a cat litter mat can be used to keep litter contained in one place for easy cleanup. So check out what Chewy has to offer when it comes to cat litter box enclosures, cat supplies like the best cat food and cat trees & towers, toys for cats, and other great pet supplies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Litter Box Furniture & Enclosures

Do cats like litter box furniture?

Some cats like litter box furniture, and some do not. Litter box furniture can provide a safe, secluded place for your cat to do her business while keeping messes to a minimum, and many cats enjoy the extra privacy. Other cats do not like being enclosed with their litter box, and enclosed litter areas can cause a buildup of odors that may be off-putting to your cat. Make sure your cat will use a covered box before investing in cat litter box furniture and scoop the box daily to prevent odor buildup if you do choose a litter box enclosure.