Cat Covered Litter Boxes

If there is a downside to being a cat owner, it might be dealing with cat litter. Cleaning your cat litter box isn’t fun; but if left unclean, it can stink up your home. At, you’ll find a wide range of cat supplies, including many kinds of litter boxes. Covered cat litter boxes provide a solution to smelly litter. Chewy carries the best litter box covers for cats. When shopping for a covered litter box for your cat, consider her size and personality. Enclosed cat litter boxes are great for keeping your cat from tracking litter all over your home. The Nature’s Miracle hooded cat litter box is a popular option among cat parents, because it keeps litter in its place and fits conveniently into your home’s corners. The replaceable charcoal filter includes odor-blocking technology that works up to 3 months. If you hate the look of traditional cat litter boxes, consider a covered hidden cat litter box with decorative planter. This covered cat litter box doubles as a planter, and blends in seamlessly in any room. One of the worst parts about cat litter is that you have to clean it. Fortunately, there are self-cleaning cat litter boxes. The Omega Paw Roll’N Clean cat litter box is a great option for pet parents who hate to clean up after cats. This self-cleaning cat litter box scoops out clumped waste and deposits it into the pull-out tray. It’s a great option for homes with large cats or multiple cats. For an easy to maintain option, consider Breeze brand cat litter boxes. The Tidy Cats Breeze cat litter box system uses pellets suspended over a super-absorbent litter pad to provide powerful odor control. The grated floor separates moisture from solid waste for easy clean-up. If you use traditional cat litter pans, the right litter box scoops can make it easier to clean up after your cat’s done her business. When traveling, consider disposable cat litter boxes that you can throw away instead of having to clean them. Another way to keep your cat’s litter box from smelling is with litter box deodorizers that block odors from spreading throughout your home. If your cat uses the restroom in her litter box and then tracks her mess throughout the house, cat litter mats can help. With the iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper you can keep litter box messes contained. Litter falls through the large holes on the top layer of the mat and is trapped underneath. The bottom layer repels urine and odors, keeping your home smelling fresh. Visit for these cat litter solutions, and also check out our great selection of cat trees & towers and outdoor cat houses or consider a comfy cat window perch so she always has a nice place to lounge and relax.

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