Dog Memorial Stones

A dog is a best friend and companion. To some, dogs are like siblings or children. They become a part of the family and everyday life, so their loss is felt gravely. The death of a pet can be a traumatic and lonely experience, but our online pet store can help with dog memorials and items that help you honor and remember your dearest four-legged family member. One important decision you’ll need to make at some point is whether to bury or cremate your pet. Better to make the decision earlier on rather than waiting until your pet has passed and you are in the process of grieving. If you decide to bury your pet, our online pet store has beautiful dog memorial stones to commemorate your canine’s life. There are garden plaques like the Grasslands Road Cat Paw Print Stepping Stone featuring a heart with a tiny paw, a halo and the words, “You have left my life, but you will never leave my heart.” Choose an engraved dog memorial stone like the Pawprints Remembered Pet Memorial Stone that also features a picture frame for your favorite photo. There are two options when burying a pet: dog caskets and dog urns. You can bury dog urns or place them in a special place in your home. You can also wear your dog’s ashes with dog keepsakes like an ashes locket. also has dog memorial picture frames featuring meaningful quotes to honor your pet. If you or a friend need help dealing with pet loss, there’s also dog memorial books. If someone you know is experiencing loss, a thoughtful gift could cheer them up. Chewy has the best gifts for dog lovers who are grieving the loss of a devoted pet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Memorial Stones

What can I put on my dog's memorial stone?

You can put many different things on your dog's memorial stone. People often put their pet's name, dates, a personalized message, and even pictures on a dog memorial stone. Choose from memorial stones with pre-printed messages and graphics or choose stones that you can have custom engraved with the text and/or images of your choice. Memorial stones can be used to mark a grave or special spot in your garden or yard and are a great way to remember a departed pet.

What are dog memorial stones made of?

Dog memorial stones can be made from a variety of materials. Many memorial stones are made of real stone like slate, flagstone, marble or granite, or they may be made from cast stone or resin instead. Memorial stones come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials, so you have many options for memorializing your furry friend.

How do you set a dog memorial stone?

You can set a dog memorial stone by simply placing it in a designated spot in your yard or garden. Memorial stones may also be used to mark a pet's grave. Most memorial stones are heavy enough to stay in place and do not require any special ground preparation, but placing them on a flat, stable surface is usually recommended.

Where should you put a dog's memorial stone?

You should put a dog memorial stone in a special spot you have chosen to honor and memorialize your pet. Most memorial stones are made to withstand outdoor conditions, so you can use them in a garden, yard or grave site. If your pet is to be buried in a pet cemetery, you may need to find out what kind of memorial markers the site allows.