Dog Potty Training Pads

Young puppies are unable to hold their bladders and bowels for a lengthy amount of time, and thus are more prone to having accidents inside the home than adult dogs. But there are tools that you can use to help teach these pups where to pee so that your hardwood floors, rugs and carpeted surfaces don’t have to suffer during the process of potty training a puppy. Dog training pads are different than potty pads and are specifically designed to attract a dog to relieve himself on them instead of other places in the home. They are made highly absorbent materials, which makes cleaning up pet messes an easy endeavor—and one that doesn’t involve having to get out the dog steam cleaner or dog stain removers.

Chewy offers a variety of dog training pads that can help to make the process of potty training a puppy easier, with fewer accidents. Hartz Ultimate Absorption Dog Pads have double the absorbing power of a traditional dog training pad, helping to keep urine and pet waste from leaking onto your floors, and keeping your home odor-free. The Wee-Wee Pad On Target Trainer can help your pet to get used to going to the bathroom in a designated spot, as it anchors a dog training pad so that the corners don’t fold over the soiled area.

Dog training pads can be beneficial puppy potty training tools who can’t hold it for a long time. They can also give aging pets with failing bladders a place to go should they not be able to make it outdoors in time. Whatever your need, Chewy's online pet shop has the dog training pad that will help your pet get the job done as well as all your other dog supplies.

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