Cat Pill Covers & Wraps

When your cat becomes ill, getting them to take a pill can be near impossible, but not when you have cat treats. When it comes to giving pills, dog parents tend to have it easier. Mix a pill with some peanut butter and dogs are convinced they are getting a treat. Unfortunately, giving a pill to a cat isn’t that simple. That’s why pill pockets for cats exist. Cat pill covers disguise pesky pills in a delicious coating. If your cat just won’t take the medication they need, it’s time to try pill pockets for cats. Greenies pill pockets for cats are delicious treats that disguise your cat’s important pills. These crunchy cat treats come in a variety of flavors your cat is sure to love. Greenies pill pockets come in flavors like tuna and cheese. Each morsel features a built-in pouch that easily conceals most pills or tablets. These cat treats are all-natural and are healthier than human food as they have fewer calories, less fat and not as much sodium. They are also designed to mask the taste and smell of medication to help your cat get the treatment they need. Another way to get your cats to take their pills is by using soft cat treats. Soft and chewy treats are delicious and pliable, making it easier to conceal pills. In addition to providing pill pockets for cats, cat treats can contain nutrients and address a variety of feline conditions. For example, catnip cat treats contain catnip and can calm an anxious kitty. The catnip will distract your cat from the medication they need to take. Prescription cat treats can promote optimal health for your cat’s urinary tract, weight, gastrointestinal function and more. Jerky cat treats can be used as rewards for good behavior and help in the pill-taking process. Dehydrated cat treats can also be used as a reward for the cat who takes their pills or maintains good behavior. You don’t have to feel bad about rewarding your cat with freeze dried cat treats made with whole meat protein. Halo Liv-a-Littles grain-free freeze-dried cat treats are a healthy reward for well-behaved kitties. Another great way to hide pills and reward your kitties is with lickable cat treats. They are a creamy and delicious way to hide your pet’s meds. End the fight over medication and win. Ensure your kitten is happy and healthy with the best cat food and the right cat supplies from, including cat litter, cat litter boxes, cat collars, or a very handy cat leash & harness.

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