Dog Placemats

Everyone gets a little excited for dinner time, especially our pups! And sometimes when they get especially hungry, they might chow down so fast that it winds up everywhere. If you’ve got an excitable or messy pooch that spills dog food while he’s eating, a doggy placemat might be just what you need. We have plenty of dog placemats in everything from simple to fun designs. Dog placemats provide a helpful, easy way to contain spills and messes while your pup is noshing on her dry dog food or wet dog food. They are made to be easy to clean, even for the toughest messes and biggest spills. There are a variety of dog placemats to choose from, whether you’re looking for a stylish placemat to complement your home décor or a durable placemat to protect your floors and make cleanup easier. The Soggy Doggy Slopmat Microfiber Placemat is a great option for water drinkers that spill as much as they drink. It’s made to absorb water like a sponge, so water spills are quickly contained. This cushiony placemat is made out of microfiber chenille, a material that’s so soft that you might catch your pooch sleeping on it! Plus, it’s machine washable for simple cleaning. For stylish dog placemats, there are a lot of fun, colorful options to complement your home. Choose from fun styles, including a bone pattern from PetRageous Designs placemats and a vintage design from ORE Pet. No worries if some kibble or wet dog food winds up on the placemat—simply wipe it clean. There are even dog placemats with a non-slip surface to keep dog bowls in place while your pup eats. Whether you’re trying to protect your floors or contain your pet’s mess, dog placemats are a must-have for a clean, spotless floor. Find the best dog placemats to serve your dog’s favorite meal on from Chewy's online pet store where you find the best dog products.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Placemats

Do dogs need food mats or placemats?

Dog food mats are good for dogs, especially for canines who push their bowls around while eating. Dog bowl mats can help keep bowls from sliding around during meals, and they also work to contain messes from vigorous or messy eaters. You can choose dog food bowl mats made from food-safe materials like silicone and look for dishwasher-safe mats for easy cleaning.

How do you clean a dog food mat?

Clean a dog food bowl mat according to the manufacturer’s care instructions. Mats made of durable materials like silicone can usually be washed in the dishwasher, or you may have to wash your dog placemat by hand instead. Most dog bowl mats can be cleaned up quickly and easily with a simple wipe down after meals, too.