Cat Shampoo

Your kitty is great at self-cleaning, but there are times where a little bath will do her good. When it’s time to bathe your cat, visit Chewy for cat shampoo and cat conditioner that’s specifically formulated for your feline friend. Even though your cat has perfected her grooming routine, there are circumstances that call for a bath, which requires the right cat grooming products. Flea infestations may require baths, especially if your cat is allergic to flea bites. A bath is sometimes the only way to get sticky or harmful substances off your cat’s coat. Obese or arthritic cats may have difficulty grooming themselves and might require bathing. Cats typically don’t like baths, so bring tasty cat treats to bath time to reward and bribe your furry friend. When shopping for cat shampoo, consider your feline’s skin and coat needs. At Chewy, we carry a wide range of cat and kitten shampoo. If your cat is suffering from skin infections like dermatitis, the best cat shampoo might be an antifungal cat shampoo like Veterinary Formula Clinical Care antiseptic and antifungal shampoo. Cat dandruff shampoo can help moisturize and heal dry skin. Look for cat shampoos with oatmeal and aloe vera, such as Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe cat shampoo. For cats who can’t stand water, try waterless cat shampoo. Whether it’s flea shampoo for cats or natural cat shampoo to moisturize your cat’s dry skin, you’ll find everything you need for kitty bath time at Chewy where you'll find the best pet supplies and cat products.

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